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Closet Full of Clothes and Nothing to Wear?

Personal Style Consultant, Susan Luc is here to help you...

  • Develop your personal style to fit your lifestyle and body type
  • Express your personality through your appearance… show the world who you are with confidence
  • Reinvent your wardrobe with less clothing and more “looks”, saving you time and money
  • Reduce stress and anxiety by avoiding the "I have nothing to wear…" syndrome
  • Learn to make great style decisions and better shopping choices

Love the way you look and feel about yourself. Susan will create an EXPERIENCE that is personalized to you. Being fabulous is just an email away!

Personal Services


  • walking into your closet and loving what you own
  • building an edited and organized wardrobe that takes the stress out of your day-to-day life
  • stepping out into the world feeling confident and looking your best, no matter what the occasion
  • shopping less, spending less, looking better and feeling FABULOUS!

Shop Your Closet is here for you with the experience, expertise and array of Personal Services customized to create a wardrobe you will love!

Personal Style Consultant, Susan Luc will design an EXPERIENCE for you, putting together a plan of Personal Services that enhance your style and meet your wardrobe goals, being mindful of your budget and taking into consideration your body type, personal style and life style as well as your age, skin tone, hair and eye color.

Closet Review and Editing

Most women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time! So, lets go through your closet together and select the best pieces that fit your body type, life style, personal style and wardrobe goals. This includes shoes, handbags and accessories.

As we edit your closet, I will advise what looks best on you and why. We will decide what to keep, what needs to go to the tailor, sent to consignment or donated.

Style Note

An edited wardrobe allows for living with only what you love and makes you feel fabulous! No matter the occasion or last minute situation, you are always prepared.

Personal Shopping

Once we have a list, let’s go shopping! Based on your shopping list and budget, we will decide where to shop. I like to call it “targeted” shopping. No more wandering around the store wondering what you need, what to try on, if you are getting an honest opinion, or if someone is trying to make a sale.

I know your personal style, lifestyle and shopping needs, so I will pre-shop and a selection of items will be waiting for you when you arrive at the store. I will assist you in finding the right clothes and accessories, and show you how these new pieces will work with your existing wardrobe.

If you don't have the time or really don't like to shop, I will shop for you and bring a selection of items to your home. I can also assist you with online shopping.

Style Note

When we go shopping together, you are assured that we select just the right items to complete your wardrobe plan. I will share styling tips and make note of any alterations that may be needed, resulting in a productive shopping trip.

Wardrobe Planning

Upon completion of the Closet Editing, I will put together updated, pulled together and polished looks from the clothes and accessories you already own! You will be surprised at the number of fresh, personalized and unique looks that are hiding in your closet. You won’t necessarily need lots of new clothes, just wearing what you own in new ways, discovering and developing your own personal style!

Each look will be photographed and all pieces, shoes and accessories noted for future reference. After our appointment you will receive your personal “Style Story” notebook that includes the photos and details of each look, for daily reference. A shopping list of items you may need to fill the gaps and style notes to remind you of the added touches that will enhance your personal style, is also included. You can chose to receive your “Style Story” in either print or digital format.

Style Note

Taking some time to plan ahead will allow you to kiss that morning frustration of “what should I wear today?” goodbye!

Wardrobe Management

As we will build a fabulous new wardrobe that you love, let’s be sure that everything in your closet is neatly organized and arranged, looks tidy, and enables you to find items easily. I will arrange your wardrobe by type, color, style and season, for that added touch to make getting dressed uncomplicated and stress free.

As I get to know you and your wardrobe, I offer seasonal updates so we can transition your wardrobe from season to season. We will build on what you already own, update and replace items when needed, discuss lifestyle changes and review seasonal trends that may be appropriate for you.

An edited, organized, managed wardrobe, paired with your personal “Style Story” notebook and the CONFIDENCE you gain will add up to the COMPLETE Shop Your Closet EXPERIENCE.

Style Note

Hanging all of your garments on the same style hanger may save space and make your closet look more organized and functional. I would be happy to recommend my favorites styles. You may purchase them, or for an additional charge, I will purchase them and bring them to your home .


Special occasion, travel and holiday style sessions are also available.
Receive or give the Gift of Style. Gift certificates available.

About Shop Your Closet

Established in 2009 in Hudson, Ohio, Shop Your Closet has been offering personal styling and shopping services to women and men throughout Northeast Ohio. Founders Susan Luc and Betsy Tabatcher met and became friends working together in the fashion retail industry. They both loved fashion but were buying too many clothes and decided they needed to shop their own closets! Susan and Betsy helped each other put together fabulous outfits, saved time, money and quit obsessing over what to wear. It was so much fun that they decided to share their idea with others and that’s how Shop Your Closet was born.

Focusing on personal clients, Shop Your Closet has advised clients from students to professionals. Their clients ranged in age from 14 to 92. As they worked with clients, Susan and Betsy realized that it was not just about the clothes. It was about sharing a personal experience and relationship with each client, helping them discover their personal style, relieving the day-to-day stress of what to wear and to walk out the door each day with confidence.

Shop Your Closet has been featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Akron Beacon Journal, Akron Life Magazine and were regular guests on the Robin Swoboda Show (Fox 8 in Cleveland), authored and styled the bi-monthly “Fashion Sense” article for Akron Life magazine.

After a brief hiatus, Shop Your Closet was officially re-launched in the summer of 2015. Relocating to North Ridgeville, OH Susan is excited to welcome back her former clients and offering her services to West Side clients in the Elyria, Avon, Avon Lake, Westlake, North Olmsted, Strongsville, and surrounding areas.

About Susan

Susan Luc

Hi! I’m Susan Luc, Personal Style Consultant and Owner of Shop Your Closet. With over 20 years of experience, I have been involved in many facets of the fashion retail industry, working for top retailers including Ann Taylor LOFT, Chico’s, and lifestyle brand Laura Ashley.

Working with women on a daily basis has helped me to hone my expertise and ability to understand the unique body types, personal style, and wardrobe needs of my retail clients. Wanting to take the styling experience to a more personal level, I created and launched Shop Your Closet with friend and co-worker Betsy Tabatcher in 2009.

Along with managing the every day business details of Shop Your Closet, I have enjoyed working one-on-one with my clients, building long term, personal relationships. I have helped clients discover their individual style for their body type, and lifestyle to build a wardrobe that they love. My goal is to have each client look forward to opening their closet with the confidence of knowing they have a well-planned, stress-free wardrobe that enables them to step out into the world with the confidence to look great and feel fabulous every day!

Clients I have worked with have expressed their pleasure with my style sense and ability to help them create their own personal style, learn to identify styles that are most flattering to their body type, and to put together a collection of clothing and accessories that make them feel polished, put together, and confident. I strive to make each Shop Your Closet experience personal, relaxing and fun.

I have been married for 38 years and am the proud Mom of two talented adult children. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education and a Minor in Art History from Youngstown State University. I have resided in Chicago, IL, Grand Rapids, MI, Hudson, OH, and presently in North Ridgeville, OH.


  • I was so happy to hear that Susan was back in business.

    I had my closet done a few months ago. Let me tell you it was the best thing I could ever have done for myself. It was a wonderful experience. Susan has a keen eye for fashion and was so amazing how she saw outfits that I couldn’t see before.

    Susan helped me put my wardrobe back on track. Sometimes we all need a little help. The cash I made from the “no-no’” was a nice bonus.

    Thank you Susan and I wish you great successes in your new adventure in the fashion world.

    Love your friend,

    Sue B.

  • "Shop Your Closet" has been a valued resource for me for over four years. As a busy executive for a consulting company and mom of two active boys, I found it hard to find time to keep my wardrobe fresh. Susan stops by a few times a year to review my closet and fill in the missing pieces and accessories. She understands my style and has found items that I treasure and have become foundation pieces for my look. But what I love best about Susan is how much time and money she has saved me over the years. From time to time we go shopping and she has dressing rooms set-up, ready to go, so we can accomplish a very productive trip in less than two hours! I highly recommend Susan to anyone needing an outside opinion-- she is gentle but honest and always exceeds my expectations!"

    Vikki N, VP Client Services

  • I'm excited that SYC is starting again. Shop Your CLoset helped me so much transitioning from stay at home to working again. I appreciate the money I saved by using what I had in my closet. Susan has helped me with outfits on my weight loss journey. I'm am not buying a lot when clothes, but I don't want to spend a fortune on new clothes when I won't be at that weight very long. I'm really looking forward to reaching my goal weight and can buy more.

    Jennifer U, Accounting Specialist

  • Working with Susan of Shop Your Closet has simplified my life. I no longer wake up thinking, “What am I going to wear today?” I can just go to my notebook which contains a variety of outfits that Susan has created using the clothes in my closet. Susan is very easy to work with. She has ideas for putting pieces together that I never would have thought of! I often receive many compliments on my outfits. In addition, to helping you design outfits; Susan will also shop with you for new pieces to round out your wardrobe. I have worked with Susan for 3 years and plan to work with her for many more to come!

    Kathy Q, Teacher

  • I am a full time professional and proud mother of 2 children ages 7 and 10. Balancing family and my professional career, can be challenging. I have never liked shopping, and don't have the time to spend on shopping or thinking about fashion. With all of the demands of owning my own company and balancing motherhood, having Susan's Shop Your Closet services has been a lifesaver for me.

    Not only does Shop Your Closet take the worry and anxiety out of my life, about what to wear, and when to wear it, but the services they provide have afforded me confidence in this area of my life, that I never had before. Confidence and happiness have replaced the worry and anxiety of never knowing what to wear!!! Susan has selected a wardrobe for me that is just my style, and I consistently receive compliments on my professional, yet fashionable attire.

    I have worked with Shop Your Closet for some time now. Most recently we did an entire makeover of this year's Fall/Winter wardrobe. In the spring, they will be coming back again, for a complete makeover on my Spring/Summer wardrobe, for both professional and casual. Susan is a delight to work with. My life would be filled with anxiety and stress, without Shop Your Closet helping me with this part of my life.

    Stacy Z, Financial Advisor

  • I had been looking for a service like Shop Your Closet for some time, so finding Susan Luc was exciting. She helped me define my style, and with her knowledge and my closet, we put together several outfits. The Style Book she put together includes pictures of these outfits with accessories, shoes, and handbags. It also includes style tips and a list of items that would be helpful to have. Susan was knowledgeable, patient, and fun to work with!

    Samra B

  • I find the Style Story notebook helpful – I’m doing a pretty good job of following it. I’ve also made some of the changes Susan recommended. Susan has a great way of helping her clients make sense of what they have in their closet and make the most of it.

    I’m looking forward to scheduling time with Susan again to plan for the fall.

    Sue R, Project Manager

  • What differentiates Susan from other stylists is her ability and passion to listen to each woman and help her to become an even better version of who she already is, rather than somebody she no longer recognizes.

    For 5+ years Susan has provided me with styling advice, personal shopping, and a closet transformation, which is now my stress-free oasis, where I can select an outfit and be out the door in minutes, feeling and looking fabulous!

    Tracy P, Executive Vice President, Consumer Brands


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